Atari Punk Console

Synthesizers show off the magic of electronics. With a handful of basic components it is possible to manipulate electricity a variety of playful and musical ways. Since I am only a beginner I chose to build the Atari Punk Console which is relatively simple. A couple resistors, capacitors and some 5000k potentiometers and I am making delicious glitchy sounds.


The first draft of the punk console went well on the bread board. I even added a photo resistor to add some extra wobble in the sound. I also experimented with different resistances on the knobs. Mostly I tried to piece together a working model from all the various schematic online. Since this is me of the most popular simple synth schematics many have improved on the design. For a beginner, the biggest obstacle was figuring out how to tie in all the IC points back into each other on the perf board, since the rows on the breadboard are already connected.


Somewhere on the perf board I must have made a short circuit since the led light will display that it has power but no sounds are coming out the jack. Despite this, I still got some great initial sounds from the breadboard draft.

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