About Noah

My name is Noah Ullmann and I am a graphic designer, developer, educator and advocate currently living in Rochester, NY, although I usually lump all these skills into the label designer. It keeps things simple. Currently I work as a User Interface designer for Xerox. I work with engineers, programmers and graphic designers to help build efficient and delightful experience for users of Xerox products.

Overall, I try to work on projects that affect social change. When I take on a project, I role up my sleeves to make change happen, whether it is sketching, writing, coding, recording, editing, researching, or advocating. My design decisions come out of a focus on the user. Some people describe this as UX, user-centered design, usability, or a variety of other user-centric names. Basically, for me, good design is a responsibility to understand the point of view of the user from a variety of perspectives.

There are a lot of approaches to better understand users. One useful way for me to hone this craft was to work towards my M.A. in information studies from Michigan State University. While I was studying things like information theory, and qualitative research methods, I also worked on projects where I was responsible for collecting data, analysis, making models, building prototypes, user-testing, writing reports and functional specifications, and making sure developers (sometimes me) stay focused on the users. I also took classes in rhetoric, which I explored issues of power and control in writing, design, and code.

In addition to my academic experience I have other projects which you can explore in my portfolio, or check out my LinkedIn account for a more detailed description of all my projects. Or you can Download my resume.

I can do a couple things for you:

  1. I can do a variety of qualitative and quantitative research about how your users think, act, and react to your project.
  2. I can help turn research into prototypes, and useful functional specification that build consensus, not only your developers, but all stakeholders on what will be built and why it will be built.
  3. I can also help develop your content strategy giving you confidence that your project will function as a cohesive whole.