January 4, 2015#

This piece was create for a colleague who, after 13 years, switched positions within Xerox.


NOTE: 21 people interviewed (4 hours of tape) + 20 hours of editing = 24 total hours. Phew!

Best Podcasts of 2010

This list is the best podcasts of the 120 weekly podcasts I subscribe to. Enjoy!

1 – Jesse Schell: Visions of the Gamepocalypse – Long Now Foundation

Jessee Schell imagines what the world might look like with pervasive games. Hands down most interesting talk for me of the year.

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Best Podcasts of 2008

11: Obama’s MySpace Mistake, The Infamous Australian Porn Cracker and Five Million Missing White House Emails

Search Engine: Hosted by Jesse Brown

Search Engine describes itself as a blog and podcast about the internet. This was, and in some ways still is the most interesting show on this topic. I say was because a couple months ago CBC decided to cancel the radio program. The show continues as an internet only podcast. Still great content. This podcast was early in the life of Search Engine, and early in the 2008 presidential election. This podcast covered an interesting part of politicing, that is controlling the candidates MySpace page.

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