Master of Arts Thesis on Social Media

My thesis explores the barriers and benefits existing in developing a social media websites within universities.

Social media leverage the group-forming and broadcasting capabilities of the internet as a platform to create a space for multiple voices to be heard. I present results from a qualitative and quantitative study examining how students and instructors from different writing courses at Michigan State University use the writing center social media website within their classroom. we provide evidence that users negotiate multiple environments when using social media within a classroom. I suggest these environments operate within different modes of production; a commons-based peer mode (i.e., social media website) and a hierarchical mode (i.e., classroom). each mode of production influences the behavior of the user, potentially changing the cost of contribution both in the classroom and online. we suggest that understanding the potential conflicts between these different environments and modes of production is essential when implementing a successful social media website within a classroom.

This demonstrates my ability to collect and analyze data, and writing about online spaces.

Master of Arts Thesis on Social Media
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